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With my first novel in my debut 13 TO LIFE series hitting shelves June 22, 2010 I've been thrown into a strange position in the publishing realm. There is a not-so unwritten rule in the industry that says published authors are NOT supposed to read unpublished writing. It stems from two things:

  1. the fear a published/established author will read an aspiring author's work and then steal some aspect of it (and be sued)
  2. the fear a published/established author will read an aspiring author's work and then be accused of stealing from it (and sued) even though the established author already had a similar idea (or even a manuscript already in the publishing "pipeline")

The part that sucks about not being able to read unpublished works is that, as a teacher previously, it is very much in my nature to want to pass along the lessons I've learned and as specifically as possible. I'd LOVE to read things by aspiring authors and give them specific praise and constructive criticism. I'd LOVE to help them become published authors. But I can't. At least not directly. So, although I'm not allowed to read your manuscripts and screenplays, I'm going to help you as specifically as I can. This blog will be tailored to writing advice, free workshop-type posts, posts about goal-setting and writing prompts. I will include advice from authors I've interviewed as well as advice based on my own experiences. We'll start by getting you into write-thinking...The way I suggest you think in order to increase your odds of getting published. I hope you visit at least once a week and make 2010 the year you benefit from write-thinking!


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~Shannon Delany

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