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Werewolf Round-Up One

Okay, so I thought it's only fair to mention some of the cool folks who have already started mentioning 13 TO LIFE on their websites. I mean, let's be honest--I'm not doing a ton of press and publicity stuff right now, so anyone who has discovered the existence of my upcoming novel deserves a pat on the back (or a scritch behind the ears, depending ;-).

So here are some of the spots around the blogosphere that I've found mention 13 TO LIFE... Lemme know if I missed anybody (and keep in mind if I know in advance that someone's going to mention the book or myself I'll try to pop in and be available to answer commenters' questions).

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Why Werewolves Rock: Part Two

In part one I mentioned I never really imagined myself as a writer of werewolves (and Kelley Armstrong even had a great interview I read once that mentioned the danger of being pigeonholed as an author). And although my debut trilogy is definitely chock-full-of "werewolfy goodness" and "supernatural funk" I like to think it's still even more a human story.

Think back to 13 TO LIFE's tagline: Teenage love, loss and--oh, yeah--werewolves.

My werewolves are hugely important, it's true, but the story (I hope) is seen as even more than just a "werewolf story."

Today let's think of another angle of what makes werewolves so amazing--our deeply ingrained fear of one half of that heady werewolf cocktail:


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Why Werewolves Rock: Part One

A great gal and pal on Twitter, Carla asked me to consider doing a post about werewolves and why they rock.

I'll be honest, when I thought (years ago) about the books I'd write that would define me as an author the term "werewolf" was never part of my figuring. I had tales of dystopian societies, of teens being raised by governments that used them up and spit them out--stuff full of social commentary. Stuff totally devoid of werewolves and vampires and ghosts. I always figured one of those would define me as an author. And perhaps eventually one will.

But for now, I am an author of werewolf novels. And I've found the experience thus far to be much more enriching than writers who disparage werewolves and vamps could possibly imagine.

I love my werewolves.

Here's just the first bit of why...

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Dark YA Opens Doors for Discussion

A couple weeks ago I was discussing the idea of "dark" stories with readers over at TextnovelDivas.com--tales that "push the envelope" on topics like sex, drugs and violence. It seems they're very popular now and such topics are also creeping (and sometimes racing) right into YA fiction as well. Some people seem disturbed by the trend and some, flat out, don't want to touch any such fiction with a ten foot pole (consider how YA author Ellen Hopkins was treated by a couple public schools and libraries recently).

From the get-go realize if you're writing things that include "disturbing" topics and teens, you will get flack. When I was hemming and hawing about the mild cussing I included in 13 TO LIFE, my editor pointed out authors will always deal with someone who doesn't like something about their book. You can't make everyone happy, but you can be true to your story.

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Class of 2K10: YA & MG Authors' Book Trailer

I was invited to join the Class of 2K10 (web launch coming soon!) a while back and (being relatively smart) I did join.

What the heck's 2K10? It's a group of authors whose YA or MG novels debut in 2010. We band together to pool our money and coordinate our promotional efforts to get more bang for the buck. It's a very cool concept initiated by amazing and talented folks.

I'm very, very lucky they asked me to join (and regrettably I've been a slacker because of juggling other things--like a farm).

BUT. Before I jump back into my book 2 revisions (50 pages done today in a local coffee shop) I wanted to share this group book trailer with you. I hope you enjoy it and it makes you curious about the folks involved in 2K10--there are some awesome books coming out because of their creativity and vision.
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