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Tracking Me Down

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Okay--October looks like it's going to be a little crazy (which totally makes sense, given it's my birthday month ;-). Until the 14th you can enter to win a copy of 13 to Life over at Haunted Halloween. Then, on the 14th, a bunch of authors will join in a live, public chat at the #HauntedHalloween hashtag on Twitter. I shall be in attendance. :) Today I'm E.J.'s guest over at From the Shadows. E.J. asked some cool questions about my genre choice and background, and you know me--I happily answer questions. :) Later the Crossroads Tour will kick off and I'll be blog-hopping with Judith Graves, Jordan Deen and the gang--more on that later. And around that time I'll do the International Werewolf Party here and share some stories about werewolf traditions from other countries and werewolf books you might want to check out from authors in those countries. On October 24 I'll be listening in to Barry Eva's special broadcast on Book Banning over at A Book and a Chat on Blog Talk Radio--come hang out in the chatroom with me there! And don't forget what I want for my birthday.... *hint hint* ~Shannon


Secrets and Shadows: A 13 to Life Novel

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Those of you who have been following along here know I (relatively recently--like in April) turned in my copyedits for the second novel in the 13 to Life Series: Secrets and Shadows. Then about 2 + weeks ago I sent back my 1st pass pages for the same novel. Secrets and Shadows releases February 15, 2011 in the States. That book is already available for pre-order in both the USA and the UK! AND--it looks like it'll have the same release date. :D Say it with me: WOW. And I thought--holy heck! I need to share my new book cover with you all before it shows up on Amazon.com and spoils the surprise! This cover was a little longer in the development stage and thanks to Ervin Serrano (the designer of 13 to Life's book cover) for really being willing to work with me and get the cover closer to what I was hoping for. Without further ado, the cover of book 2 in my series:

Secrets and Shadows

...I hope you love it! The autumnal colors are perfect for this particular book in the series (Halloween occurs during part of Secrets and Shadows). If you loved 13 to Life and you're ready to pre-order Secrets and Shadows, I've found it available at Amazon.com and Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble. And, if you loved 13 to Life, please, please, please get your review posted as many places as you can (including Amazon--US and UK if you can, Borders, Goodreads, LibraryThing and Barnes & Noble). Unless you're in the publishing industry it's hard to really understand how much glowing reviews really mean to a debut author but trust me. It means a ton. Thank you so much! ~Shannon PS--Thanks to these intrepid folks (at Narratively Speaking and Cem's Book Hideout) who also popped the cover onto their blogs and mentioned the reveal within minutes of me announcing it! YOU ROCK!

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Back from RWA and Getting Back on Track

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First--thanks to all of you signing up here and leaving such awesome comments about 13 to Life! That means the world to me. I'll be transitioning my regular blog over to here, it seems, so please be patient with me.

Now back to our show... ;-)

Okay, long story short, getting ready for RWA the following things happened:

  1. Got invited by the lovely folks over at Tor.com's blog to participate in blogs with their special paranormal summer event. Did I jump in and blog? Heck yeah! Did I have time to blog? Yee-aah--NO. Did it anyhow. Here's What About Love? And here's That New Kid Smell.
  2. A neighbor offered to watch our farm in our absence (for a small fee--hey, it's work!). Seems she wanted to have a farm of her own eventually. Well... We've cured her of that, it seems. (A goose dying dramatically and sheep managing to get out of their pasture on day 1 seem to have put a damper on her desire to farm.)
  3. I got the final cover for Secrets and Shadows (book 2 of the 13 to Life series). And, Secrets and Shadows is already up for pre-orders at Amazon.com. 13 to Life itself just released in the UK, by the way! Thanks to anyone who loved it and posted reviews! !LOVE!
  4. I was awarded a lovely blog award I still need to pass on.
  5. My big box of books contest drew to a close. I'll be figuring out the math on that tomorrow and announcing a winner.
  6. I got asked by the fantabulous Gwen at Fresh Fiction to do a video interview Friday morning. Did I say yes? Of course! (And then I consumed almost no chocolate or sugar until then in fear the emergence of the zits I never had in high school would suddenly creep up on me and be absolutely audible on video.)
  7. The LA Times included my story in a piece they did about the future of books called The Future of Books, mentioned 13 to Life's headed to Walmart (and only misspelled one of my names once and now that looks to have been corrected. Technology's a lovely thing.)
  8. I officially said yes to attending the Rochester Teen Book Festival in 2011. YAY!

On the way to RWA in Orlando the following things happened:

  1. An entire family of generously proportioned folks squeezed into one mini van to drive from south Jersey to Florida. Hey! The hubby and I did this several times about ten years ago without issue.
  2. The hubby and I realized ten years makes a big difference in what you can do and what you want to do. ;-)

At RWA the following things happened:

  1. I stayed in an executive suite. DUDE. And it was not nearly as expensive as I had thought.
  2. I met Liane Gentry Skye (whose first name I've been adding a syllable to for more than a year) and Gail Hart, fellow Textnovel Divas.
  3. I met Heather V. Long who runs the awesomesauce-covered blog The Daily Dose.
  4. I bumped into the wonderful Mindy Klasky.
  5. I tried to balance attending a conference with my son's very first trip to Disney (no, I didn't realize I was that stupid either).
  6. I sold out of all my copies of 13 to Life at the Literacy Autographing in quick order and handed out swag before wandering the hall nearly aimlessly.
  7. Emily McKay caught up to me, Ann Aguirre and I found each other, Tes Hilaire, Erin Kellison, Michelle Marcos and I also reconnected.
  8. I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, visited Hogsmeade Village, ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks and rode the Forbidden Journey. YES. I DID.
  9. I attended the St. Martin's Press party at the Atlantic Dance Hall where I saw Ann Marie Tallberg (who is wonderful funny and muy importante at SMP) and I got a hug and a kiss from my wonderful publisher, Matthew Shear.
  10. I chatted with the lovely Lucienne Diver about some cool future things planned for Florida readers.
  11. I got free wine.
  12. I survived giving my first presentation in front of RWA members (and got really great feedback afterward--they liked it!). Big thanks goes to my moderator Becky! She was terrific! And thanks to Maggie Shayne for offering to chat with attendees about her faith and experiences later!
  13. I made it to my video interview almost on time. Then I froze up during the interview, realizing my mouth was dry and my lips kept getting stuck on my teeth and gums and probably giving me a pained expression.
  14. I did a signing of 13 to Life books for RWA conference attendees (books are free for attendees) and signed and handed out all of them (and there were a lot!). Even my mis-signed one was taken. AND I scored a signed copy of A Bad Day for Sorry and a signed copy of Glimmerglass. DUDE. And the authors--AUTHORS--who showed up in MY line for a signed copy of 13 to Life? AWESOME and waaay beyond flattering. :D
  15. Since I was Tweeting, a fan of 13 to Life (and an aspiring creator himself) who was also in Orlando on vacation realized I was oddly local and we arranged a way to meet so I could sign his copy of the book (well, his new copy—his original one was loaned to his friend—so he bought the last one at the local bookstore). Anyhow—it was great to meet him (and his brother) and chat a couple minutes. It was totally awesome to know someone was willing to encourage his dad to drive the family to meet an author in the lobby of Walt Disney’s Dolphin.
  16. I got great news that I'll share with fans and friends when things settle down here and are made official and that news caused me to have to rethink some important aspects of my writing (dare I say it?) career.

On the way back the following things happened:

  1. I did an impromptu signing of 13 to Life at Barnes & Noble in Moorestown, NJ.
  2. I did an impromptu signing of 13 to Life at the Barnes & Noble in Wilkes-Barre, PA. They even called their Community Relations Manager, Donna, and we had a great chat—she’s awesome—and she scored me a coffee, too! Donna’s excited about my book and said that the numbers look good. I like hearing things like this. I, of course, offered to come back and speak and sign. I *love* speaking and signing.

I think that pretty much gets you all generally updated... Upcoming things to look forward to on the blog? More of Sarwat Chadda, author of Devil's Kiss; pics from my trip to Wizarding World of Harry Potter; the cover of Secrets and Shadows: A 13 to Life Novel; blog awards being given to folks whose efforts I appreciate; official announcements about winners of past contests and more! Hope you all are doing well! ~Shannon

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Start Your Day with Serial Links to Werewolfy Goodness

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This is where the links to the Start Your Day with Serial blog tour of 13 to Life will wind up throughout the tour.

  1. We need to start with the Prologue, 1st and 2nd chapter, posted by my publisher, St. Martin's Press. http://tinyurl.com/PrologueChap1and2. Denise Jaden's blog has a link to it (and details on the contest) in her Teen Author Tuesday post.
  2. Then check out Carla's review of 13 to Life and read the next segment of the book at The Crooked Shelf.
  3. Faye's got the third segment (check my 1st comment if it doesn't load on the page--you may have a pitiful connection like I do ;-) at Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm.
  4. Teen Channel Reviews had me on her adorable blog!
  5. Tynga's Reviews hosted me as part of the Paranormal Summer Fest (and there's a chance to win 1 of 2 copies of 13 to Life).
  6. At Escape Between the Pages Lori asks a little about the second book in the 13 to Life series.
  7. Choco interviews me over at In Which a Girl Reads and asks what I hope readers will take away after reading the series.
  8. Detour in the Tour brings us back here.
  9. I'm Mel's guest at He Followed me Home...Can I Keep Him? An an impromptu contest breaks out, ending in one person winning a signed copy of 13 to Life and an announcement of the second book's title! FUN!!!
  10. Just Your Typical Book Blog again proves they are anything but typical, hosting me for their ROCK THIS! Thursday post. Great questions!
  11. Ahoy there! Sandy at Pirate Penguin's Reads asks some great questions about the cultural influence in 13 to Life.
  12. I'm Harmony's guest at Harmony's Radiant Reads. I LOVE her post's title--makes an author feel all warm and fuzzy. :D
  13. The Missing Link is posted! Yes, I'm evidently all thumbs when it comes to coordinating a tour like this. Right now at least.
  14. Nadine-Stella at Starry Night asks me 21 Questions.
  15. Jenn at Books at Midnight hosts me!

Remember to follow the tour each day throughout June to read the next section of 13 to Life free and online! Wanna just commit and buy? Awesome! Here's a list of places you can go and place your order! Right now (mid June) Book Depository appears to have the best deal--if you wanna wait until August for the book! So check out your choices carefully and I hope you love the book! Thanks a bunch! ~Shannon

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The Trouble with Werewolves: A Guest Post from an Anonymous Werewolf-Dating Girl

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[The opinions of the anonymous girl (stated below) are not necessarily the views held by author Shannon Delany, nor do they reflect the actuality of the world of 13 to Life (Shannon's boys are far better behaved--mostly). But this does make Shannon giggle.]

I know, I know. Everywhere girls right now are dreaming about dating werewolves. They’ve read books about them, watched movies — mooned over pictures of actors who portray werewolves. But the truth and fiction are waaay far apart on this one. How do I know?

I’ve dated a few werewolves in my time.

It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. They’re moody. You think girls are bad once a month? The moment that moon goes full it’s like a zoo. At night your boyfriend’s an animal (and not in the way you might anticipate with curled toes) and in the daytime? Snoring like he’s cutting logs.

They’re territorial. It goes beyond glaring at guys who check you out. Werewolves will find any excuse to whip it out and pee around your yard, marking their territory. Maybe you’re shrugging, saying that’s not so bad. My dog does that all the time. Yeah. But your dog probably doesn’t live on a steady diet of beer, burritos and small fuzzy forest dwellers.

That wild musk authors talk about in their books — like the loamy scent of the forest? It’s hell to get out of your clothes after a good makeout session. My advice? Burn your clothes. Your werewolf boyfriend can then feel good about whipping it out and doing his part to help prevent forest fires.

And don’t get caught in a rainstorm with your werewolf beau. He may be keen on sharing your umbrella, but that animal musk I just mentioned? Magnify it a hundred times. Wet dog smells sweet in comparison.

There are also things you don’t want to say around a werewolf. Phrases like: “Lemme’ fix you right up” makes them very nervous and any paragraph including the words “red,” “riding,” and “hood” gets misconstrued as an invitation to have a little romp.

The good stuff about werewolves? They’re loyal. They can get whatever they want if they use their “puppy dog eyes” and you’ll never need to worry about leftovers in your fridge because the phrase “hungry like a wolf?” There’s a reason for that. And werewolf guys? They totally get it when you’re acting like a bitch. To them, it’s normal.

There’s remarkably little humping of legs (please note, I said little—not none) and although that "wolf whistle" can be annoying and very anti-feminist, it's not too bad if the right lips are blowing the tune. And some guys have wolfish grins that definitely make my heart beat fast...

So what was I saying?

Yeah. The trouble with dating a werewolf is... Well, all relationships are complicated, aren't they?

[Hope you got a giggle or a snort out of it, too--Shannon]

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