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I'll admit I was surprised by the earlier than normal public release of the book cover of WEATHER WITCH, the first novel in my steampunk series releasing June 25, 2013 from St. Martin's Press. But the awesome Story Siren, Kristi, jumped right in and gave me a spot to do a more appropriate release (as I was switching trains in Chicago after speaking at the YALSA Symposium in St. Louis). Thank you, Kristi!

See what I had to say about the first cover in this new series here: http://www.thestorysiren.com/2012/11/cover-reveal-weather-witch-by-shannon-delaney.html

And tomorrow, join us to kick off a brief blog tour in celebration--a blog tour including the Weather Witch Prologue, in pieces.

Want to pre-order WEATHER WITCH? Stop by later and I'll have a handy list of sites you can choose from--along with their current prices!



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Winding Up 2012

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Things are crazy here and I hope they’re crazy in a good and inspirational way for you no matter where you are while you read this post!

Quick news:

The 13 TO LIFE series has concluded with the release of RIVALS AND RETRIBUTION. Yes! All five novels (13 TO LIFE, SECRETS AND SHADOWS, BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS, DESTINY AND DECEPTION, and RIVALS AND RETRIBUTION) are currently available.

13 TO LIFE has released in Brazil and Turkey will be releasing the series soon. Several other countries acquired 13 TO LIFE and additional books in the series, but I’m not sure where we are with their production.

SPIRITED: 13 Haunting Tales (a charity anthology through Leap Books) is available. My story, TO HEL AND BACK, is my debut science fiction piece.

TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES: Dark Re-tellings of Mother Goose Rhymes (a charity anthology by Month 9 Books) releases October 16th and includes my debut high fantasy piece PIECES OF EIGHT, co-written with musician/singer/songwriter Max Scialdone (lead singer of AUTUMN FIRE). Join the blog tour starting soon.

St. Martin’s Press and I are set for a steampunk trilogy. We’ve agreed on the first book’s cover (it’s gorgeous!) and the first novel will release June 25, 2013 with subsequent novels releasing every 6 months.

I’m honored to be part of the Bullying Prevention tour organized by the lovely Amy Del Rosso and Uniquely Moi Books going on in the month of October.

I’ll be part of the Bangor Book Festival in Bangor, Maine October 18-20th and I'll be part of the MOSCBWI Fall Conference and the YALSA Symposium in St. Louis the first weekend of November.

I’m currently writing the second novel in the new steampunk series and working on a short story for another charity anthology and getting ready for winter on a farm...never a dull moment!

I hope you’re also preparing for the fall and winter and writing and reading!


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Wrapping Up 2011 and Peeking into 2012

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In 2011 two novels in my 13 to Life series hit book shelves in multiple countries. Secrets and Shadows released in February and Bargains and Betrayals released in August. Both were recently nominated in the preliminary round of the YA Genre Battle in competition with some far bigger names. I am honored to be among those listed.

In October 2011 an anthology I participated in for charity through Leap Books was released in ebook format. My short story, a sci-fi dystopian called “To Hel and Back” is one of the tales included in Spirited: 13 Haunting Tales. I encourage you to get the ebook and enjoy the variety of authors who participated.

In November I was asked to participate in another charity anthology through YA Lit Chat (if you aren’t familiar with it, check out the organization—it’s fabulous). I had a short story concept wriggling around in my head but I needed someone to bring something special to it. Something I couldn’t provide myself. I talked to the lead singer in a rock band I was doing some voluntary promo for at the time (Autumn Fire—if you like great original rock music check out their two albums) and he signed on as coauthor (you have no idea how exciting—and stressful as an admitted control freak—this is for me). Oh, his name’s Max Scialdone ("shall-DOHN" for those of you—like me—who are clueless about Sicilian pronunciation) and you’re going to love him.

In December two novels I loved enough to write blurbs for hit book shelves. In case you don’t understand blurbs, pop over here. I blurbed both Shattered Dreams by Ellie James (New Orleans is made even more magical in this tale) and Legacy by Molly Cochran (if you’re missing Harry Potter, try this on for size). I highly recommend each (obviously) and it’s even more of a pleasure to suggest these because after blurbing them I had the opportunity to meet Ellie at RWA in NYC and chat online with Molly—lovely ladies, both.

That brings us to now. Crazy, right? Well, it just gets crazier. At the end of this month Destiny and Deception releases (1/31/12). I’ll be visiting the following places on the following dates: The Green Toad Book Store in Oneonta, NY 2/16 at 7pm; Barnes & Noble in Vestal, NY 2/18 at 2 pm; Flights of Fantasy in Albany, NY 2/19 at 2pm; and Barnes & Noble in Wilkes-Barre, PA 2/25 at 2pm. Not so many dates all at once this time because of my ultra-exciting near-death experience last year in February (check out the pics of the flippin’ Jeep on Facebook).

In March the short story is due to editors and I head to Pennsylvania to sign for PLA and to speak at a couple schools and other book stores around that time (dates are still firming up). Also in March Spirited: 13 Haunting Tales releases as a paperback (directly through Leap Books so they can maximize what goes to the charity).

And, throughout January, February and March something else starts ramping up—something I still can’t tell you about. But I’m excited. Really excited.

Then in August the final novel in the 13 to Life series, Rivals and Retributions, comes out. I hope you're all ready--because this series is going to end with a bang (not a whimper). ;)

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Teaser Tuesday: Bargains and Betrayals

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I have been gone a looong time and I apologize for my absence. The last post here was 2/7/11--12 days before I had a big car accident (flipped my Jeep in bad weather conditions, crawled out the passenger side window and still tried to get to a scheduled book signing--those of you who follow me on FB or Twitter know all that, though).

In my time away from here I've been writing (book 4!!!) and doing a lot of thinking. A lot of thinking. But enough about all that! It's Tuesday and it seems I should do a TEASER TUESDAY post.

So. BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS hits bookstores nationwide on August 16. It's the first book in which a character other than Jessie speaks his mind and shares with readers HIS POV. It was scary for me to write (at first) but I've come to love him even more since being so firmly wedged within his head. I won't tell you which guy's POV this is in, maybe you should guess... But this is a small bit of Chapter Eleven inBARGAINS AND BETRAYALS.

"Any advice?" Pietr asked me.

"Da. Tell me to turn the car around."

"I can't do that."

"I do not think you know what you're getting into, little brother," I whispered, reaching across to open the glove box.

Pietr barely twitched when I pulled out the gun. "If they find that on you--"

"I guess we're both taking some risks." I popped out the gun's clip, slid my finger along the slot windowing the rounds, spinning each a quarter turn, reassuring myself. This was all about things going smoothly. I chambered the first round. "They'll want a show. Things will get bloody."

From the corners of my eyes I noticed the way his Adam's apple slid in his throat as he swallowed, taking in my words. Nervous. If I noticed, they might notice, too.

It would be like blood in the water.

Okay, so there's my teaser. Hope you--umm--enjoyed it? B&B is available for pre-order at a bunch of places already and I'd LOVE it if you decided to pre-order it ESPECIALLY through your local independent bookstore. :) There will be two more books in the 13 to Life series, bringing us to a total of five for this, my debut series.

AND, we're being carried in Turkey, Hungary, Brazil, France, Germany, the UK and Canada.

AND, we have some cool merchandise for those of you who are fans and want to show your love--check out this site:http://www.zazzle.com/13tolife

Take care!

MAX-imum Exposure Blog Tour Schedule

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Holy heck, it's Blog Tour time again! Below you'll find the scheduled blog host sites for the MAX-imum Exposure Blog Tour.

What's so special about this blog tour? This is the first time you'll get to hear--yes--hear the Rusakova boys (and me!) in interviews. Each blog chose a couple questions to ask and each has an MP3 of the resulting interview as well as a "script" they'll post.

So you have choices: read or listen.
If you want to download the MP3 files CLICK HERE

And don't worry--I'll keep updating links here so you all can follow along! You can also watch Twitter for updates through the #MAXtour hashtag!

Tuesday..........2/1/11: Join Aly at Kid Lit Frenzy as I interview BOTH boys using her questions.

Wednesday.....2/2/11: Join Stacey at Page Turners for an interview with Max.

Tania interviews Pietr at Literary Cravings.

Friday.............2/4/11: Selene interviews Max at In My City of Glass.

Saturday.........2/5/11: DJ interviews Pietr at DJ's Life in Fiction.

Sunday...........2/6/11: Cynthia interviews Max at Cynthia Reads.

Monday..........2/7/11: Molly interviews Pietr at Books Over Boys.

Tuesday..........2/8/11: Lynsey interviews BOTH boys at Narratively Speaking.

Thursday........2/10/11: Jenn interviews Pietr at Girls Just Reading.

Friday.............2/11/11: Colleen interviews Max at Lavender Lines and Shannon heads to Larchmont, NY for the Be My Paranormal Valentine event at The Voracious Reader!

Saturday.........2/12/11: Hear both boys LIVE on BTR and call in with questions for Shannon and the boys! Also Saturday, check out additional interviews of Pietr with Julie of A Tale of Many Reviewsand with Mina at Flying Maverick.

Sunday............2/13/11: Amy interviews Pietr at Simple Love of Reading.

Monday...........2/14/11: Kate interviews Pietr at Verb Vixen.

Tuesday..........2/15/11: SECRETS AND SHADOWS hits stores!!! Katie interviews BOTH boys at Mundie Moms and Shannon and Pietr hit a book birthday party at The Green Toad in Oneonta, NY!

Wednesday.....2/16/11: Cade interviews Max at Braintasia Books.

Thursday........2/17/11: Maria interviews Pietr at The Serpentine Library.

Friday.............2/18/11: Candi interviews Max at Muse Tracks.

Saturday.........2/19/11: Courtney interviews Pietr and Shannon, Max and Pietr head to Colgate Bookstore in Hamilton, NY for a Red Cross Blood Drive and book release party!

Sunday............2/20/11: Jamie interviews Pietr Writers Write, Right? and Shannon heads to Albany, NY to Flights of Fantasy for a book signing.

Monday...........2/21/11: Jen interviews Max at What's On the Book Shelf and the blog tour wraps up!

Saturday.........2/26/11: Shannon heads to Ithaca to the Borders for a book party!

Saturday.........3/5/11: Shannon's at Albany's Little Book House for a signing.

Shannon collapses into a whimpering ball of humanity and begins planning the blog tour for Bargains and Betrayals which releases in August!






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