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LEAPing Forward as a Publisher

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Life is weird sometimes. Sometimes you're just yammering along on your Facebook wall, suggesting that maybe you should start a small publishing house and POW! You get a Private Message from a fellow author up in Canada.

One thing leads to another and you're seriously considering joining Judith Graves (YA author and award-winning script writer) in taking on an e-novella line in an established small press.

But life can get weirder. 

Sometimes the opportunity to take over that e-novella line (SHINE) becomes the opportunity to buy the entire company.

And sometimes, because life is so weird, it all happens amazingly fast.

That's how it was for me recently with the acquisition of the established small publisher LEAP BOOKS, LLC.

Judith saw my Facebook post and we struck up a conversation. We decided to take on a line together. Then Laurie Edwards, LEAP's owner, suggested we take the entire thing.

And that's what we did.

I am now the owner and publisher of LEAP, and the Acquisitions Editor for both the YA and MG lines (which we are re-branding). Judith is my amazing co-publisher and the Acquisitions Editor for SHINE. We've known each other since our days in the promotional group, the Class of 2K10 (that means since 2010).

Then we brought on Jen Murgia. Jen's another accomplished YA author and the founder and organizer of YA Fest. Now Jen's also our Marketing Director.

But let's be frank. We're authors. We like to believe we're artists (everyone has their own opinion on that, of course), and although we could probably manage the money at this stage we'd rather not worry about that side of things. We want to focus on using our strengths to the benefit of the house. So we brought William Gee on as CFO.

In addition we have talented editors, cover designers, and marketing assistants backing our efforts. Together we are building a team that will take LEAP to the next level.

And I couldn't be happier!

~Shannon Delany, Publisher

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