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Today STORMBRINGER, the second novel in my young adult WEATHER WITCH steampunk series, releases throughout the US--and I have no live launch party scheduled. WHY?! A few years ago I rolled my Jeep trying to reach a winter book signing and (although I got out with only minor injuries) I became very skittish about booking winter signings as a result.

But my books still sometimes release in winter. This can be a bit vexing, but it's the regular rhythm of my current publishing house and their schedule, and I get it. Besides, I love them, so what can you do, right?

So today I am being graciously and virtually hosted online at three different and wonderful sites:

Going Coach! (On Inspiration! And a giveaway!)

Monsters of the Weather Witch World!

Musical and Literary References in the Weather Witch World

I hope you take a moment to peek at the blogs my lovely hosts gave me a temporary home on--and perhaps you'll decide to follow their regular postings (they're all great and very smart ladies!).  And, of course, I hope you pick up WEATHER WITCH and STORMBRINGER.

Oh! And tonight? Join me on my shiny new Blog Talk Radio Station as I interview the awesome Amalie Howard of BLOODSPELL, WATERFELL, and ALMOST GIRL! Her blog is at http://amaliehoward.com/ (and my blog won't let me link to it at the moment so copy and paste, friends--it's worth it!). The show is at this link:




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