The Weather Witch Series

Some fled the Old World to avoid war, and some fled to leave behind magick. Yet even the fiercely regulated New World--with its ranks and emphasis on decorum--cannot staunch the power that wells up in certain people, influencing the weather and calling down storms. Hunted, the Weather Witches are forced to power the rest of the population's ships, as well as their every necessity, and luxury, in a time when steampower is repressed.

Jordan Astraea hails from a flawless background with no taint of magick, but on her seventeenth birthday she is accused of summoning an unscheduled storm. Taken from her family, Jordan is destined to be enslaved on an airship. But breaking Jordan may prove to be the very thing her carefully constructed society cannot weather.

And losing Jordan forever may force her beau, Rowen, to be the hero he would have never otherwise dared become.

Weather Witch - June 25, 2013 / Stormbringer - Jan 14, 2014 / Thunderstruck - May 20, 2014

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"Shannon Delany weaves a cunning tale of magick so electric and magnetic that you'll practically feel the dynamic forces of the weather. Prepare to be shocked!"
- Laura Kreitzer, Author of The Timeless Series
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Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web!

In 2008 I became the winner of the first-ever cellphone novel contest in the western world with my serial novel 13 TO LIFE. I like to believe I brought an American twist to the Japanese cellphone novel concept. My serial novel was a short, consumable read with a rebellious heart and layers of subtext. Unlike typical Asian cellphone novels written by young women in a semi-autobiographical fashion-- 13 TO LIFE is their energetic and dangerous teenage American cousin.

What started as a simple cellphone novel at grew into a multi-book deal with St. Martin's Press for 13 TO LIFE. I've gotten some amazing reviews from bestselling authors and I recognize that I'm truly blessed. Book 1 in the 13 TO LIFE series came out June 22, 2010 through St. Martin's Griffin.

I invite you to pick up the 13 TO LIFE series (5 books!) and see how a simple cellphone novel grew into a New York City-style series of traditional novels that spread across the world!

Following 13 TO LIFE is my steampunk series WEATHER WITCH. including WEATHER WITCH, STORMBRINGER (January 14, 2014) and THUNDERSTRUCK (May 20th, 2014). The WEATHER WITCH world is darker and more tragic than 13 TO LIFE--with rebellion seething in its magical alternate history heart.



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13 to Life Series

A unique tale with a bright heroine and dark secrets.

-Maria V. Snyder, New York Times bestselling author of the Glass Series and the Study Series

You'll devour 13 to Life in greedy, eager gulps. Pitch-perfect and deliciously paced, this book dishes up your next fiction addiction. Shannon is a rising star!

-Ann Aguirre, National Bestselling Author of RAZORLAND

Jessie and Pietr's bond is sweet and real, with more than a touch of delicious danger.

-Jeri Smith-Ready, author of SHADE

A fun, gothic romance of suspense, secrets, and the dangerous truth behind the new kid in town.

-Lucienne Diver, author of VAMPED


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